Is Poplar Bluff Receiving a Name Change?

This is NOT NEWS.

Our sources tell us that Poplar Bluff, which was first incorporated in 1870, could be receiving its first official name change, and it could be coming sooner than you'd expect.

It all started when one of our eagle eyed reporters noticed an interesting sign just off of Township Line. 


The sign clearly says, "Oplar Bluff, MO," meaning that Poplar Bluff could be dropping the first "p" and capitalizing an "O." Now, if this was a chalkboard, or even a dry-erase board, we could understand this being a mistake or an experiment. With this being literally "set-in-stone" there is little cause for us to doubt that this change is coming.

We talked to a few locals about why this is a welcome change for the growing community.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a poplar tree in my life. What do they even look like?
— Stacy, 13 years old
This phone keeps on changing “Poplar Bluff” to “Popular Bluff” and I can’t figure out how to stop that. Also, while you’re here, what’s a spam folder?
— Ethel, Age Unknown
Yeah, Poplar Bluff is a good place to raise a family, but Oplar Bluff could be a GREAT place to raise a family!
— Pete, 45 years old
“No! Mommy! Mine!”
— Savannah, 2 years old

Here at The Faux Fox, we're excited for the change, and can't wait to cheer on the Oplar Bluff Ules come Ootball Season!

This article and all articles featured on is satirical and not meant to be taken seriously.

Written by Nico Cuevas. 
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