Maroon Ranger and Mule Zord Confirmed for Power Rangers Sequel


With the success of the 2017 reboot of the Power Rangers, it's no surprise that a sequel is coming. While many are begging for the Green Ranger and White Ranger to appear in the sequel, it seems that fans are in for a treat. We will not only be getting the return of Tommy Oliver, but we will be getting a brand new Ranger as well: the Maroon Ranger.

With deep connections to Poplar Bluff, one of the producers made the move to have his home town represented in Power Rangers 2. That also means, that we get the exclusive first look at the Maroon Ranger, the Mule Zord, and a confirmation on the casting!

The Maroon Ranger is as much of a leader as the Red Ranger, but as the color difference suggests, they are similar, but Maroon has a slightly darker and bluer side.

"The Maroon Ranger is a hands-on, go getter," says the producer. "That's why he will be the first Power Ranger to ever build his own Zord!"

As you can see, the Maroon Ranger's engineering skills and brains help make him one of the toughest and most volatile Power Rangers to-date!

So who could pull off the role of a strong, smart, resourceful leader with a dark side? Well, we think the producers got this one right! Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will be playing a teacher who moved from Poplar Bluff to Angel Grove. He will also be the first Power Ranger that has ever been bigger than the Zord that he controls!

the rock power rangers.jpg

Written by Nico Cuevas. 
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