Zayn Malik, Formerly of One Direction, Releases First Solo Song

Zayn Malik's leaving of One Direction was the pop music news that you couldn't get away from. We probably shouldn't have been surprised. We shouldn't be surprised from the crazed reaction from Directioners, and we shouldn't be surprised by Malik's leaving. History has proven that it is only a matter of time before an artist breaks away from their boy band to pursue a solo career. 

What should surprise us, though, is how quickly Malik released material from his solo project. The new release " I Won't Mind" is not only literal departure of Malik from 1D, but also a departure of music style or genre. It appears the bubblegum pop may be gone from Malik's repertoire, and we here at Fox Radio Network are debating whether or not we can consider it better.

Better or not, we all agree that it this new song from Malik is different. The next question is whether or not Zayn Malik will be able to have a successful solo career.


Could Zayn Malik be the next Justin Timberlake, or will he be the next JC Chasez? If you're asking, "Who's JC Chasez?" that's the point.

What do you think about Zayn Malik's new music and style? Like it, love it, hate it, who's Zayn Malik?