Adam Levine Hits Fan with Microphone and She Couldn't Be Happier

During a Maroon 5 concert in Toronto, a fan was attacked by a rogue microphone.

Adam Levine was not a happy camper when technical difficulties brought the concert to a halt. The singer and coach on NBC's The Voice took his frustration out on the not-working microphone, and congruently on a fan, Stephanie Green. 

"In my flustered state, I might have thrown my microphone on the ground and then it might have bounced off of the ground, into poor, sweet Stephanie's face."

Hoping to make it up to the bruised fan, Levine invited Green on stage, and she was allowed to watch the remainder of the concert from the side of the stage.

"He keeps apologising," Green told CityNews.

"[Levine] hugged me… grabbed my face, held my hands! I never thought in a million years this would happen to me."