Why Should I Care About E3?



Video games are no longer only played by cliche nerds and introverts. The medium has grown to become a massive industry with an ever growing demographic. Chances are someone you love or care about loves video games. It could be your husband, wife, brother, sister, son, or daughter. Whoever it is in your life, it never hurts to at least be able to join the discussion. Or if a birthday or holiday is coming up, seeing what they might be excited about makes shopping a whole lot easier.


If you are a parent, keeping up with E3 is very important. Often times I will see a parent walk into a store and buy their young child a game that is lush in explicit language and graphic violence. The ESRB rating system has been set in place to prevent this, but if parents aren't taking an interest, they could put a game into their child's hands without realizing how inappropriate a game might be.

Not all children are the same, and some are more mature than others. A violent game with explicit language might not affect two children in the same way, but it's up to the parents to discern whether or not their children are ready to be exposed to certain things.

Use our E3 coverage to stay up to date, make a shopping list, be part of the conversation, and/or monitor what your kid's may be playing.