Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials of 2017

2017 was a bit of a disappointment when it comes to Super Bowl commercials. So here are the ones that we think stood head and shoulders above this year's crop.

5. Tide | Terry-aki Bradshaw

Terry Bradshaw needing a clean shirt doesn’t scream excitement, but the ad has some nice moments. It was even nice to see the two teams that were actually in the Super Bowl featured in the commercial. Let’s be honest though; the real reason this ad is on our list is because Poplar Bluff native, Sheldon Price can be seen in the first frame. We’re proud of you!

4. Hyundai | Better Together

Maybe you turned off the television by the time this ad showed, but it was undoubtably one of the most heartwarming of the bunch. One of the coolest things about the ad was that it was filmed and created DURING the Super Bowl. It features service men and women who are stationed away from home, and watching the big game together. A select few get the opportunity to be surprised by a 360-video feed of the Super Bowl and their family. It may or may not have made us shed a few tears.

3. Bai | Bai Bai

Christopher Walken has the uncanny ability to make any sequence of words interesting. It took a second to realize that he was just reciting lyrics from the classic *NSYNC hit “Bye Bye Bye.” Which would have been weird and interesting alone. The ad went the next step and revealed Justin Timberlake sitting next to the legendary actor. It could have been easy to fit in another joke to make it seem funnier, but they completely committed to the bit, and it paid off! Just when you begin to wonder “why why why,” it’s revealed that the ad was for Bai, Antioxidant Infusion Drinks. Well played.

2. Mr. Clean | I'm too sexy for this dirt..

Who’s the hottest man in Hollywood right now? Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, or some other “Ryan” perhaps. Nope, the hottest man in Hollywood right now is also living in your cabinets. Mr. Clean set the internet ablaze with their new and improved mascot. He’s fit, he can dance, and his eyes are the color of that necklace that lady through into the ocean at the end of Titanic.

1. Stranger Things 2

While news surrounding the new season of the Netflix original “Stranger Things” had been circulating throughout the week, we got our first trailer during the Super Bowl. Chances are, this may have caused one of the biggest cheers at Super Bowl parties around the country. Season one was incredibly special, it won our Best Show of 2016, and Halloween can’t get here soon enough!