Listen Now: Blink 182's First Single Since Tom Delonge Departure

Many pop-punk fans were shocked when guitarist Tom Delonge announced his leaving of Blink 182. Just as many fans were surprised to see that bassist Mark Hoppus, and drummer Travis Barker, continued to perform under the Blink 182 banner. Joining Blink 182, and replacing founding member Tom Delonge, is Matt Skiba, frontman of Alkaline Trio.

The guys of Blink 182 did not hesitate to announce that they would be working on a new record. Now it appears that we don't have to wait too much longer, with the release of their first single since the departure of Tom Delonge.

'Bored to Death" is the first single off of the upcoming album "California."

Our take on the single: It sounds like Blink 182. That's not a bad thing. It is strange not hearing Tom's voice, whether it be lead vocals or harmonies. It's not a ground breaking single by any means, but Blink 182 was never really known for their musicality outside of Travis Barker's drumming prowess. With that being said, blink 182 is known for their catchy song writing, and "Bored to Death" delivers on that. It has a nice sound that is partially reminiscent of their self-titled record in 2013, as well as some modern pop-punk/powerpop drive that will please fans of more modern acts like Fall Out Boy and the like. With The Starting Line and Blink 182 releasing new music in 2016, everything is right in the world of pop-punk.