The Best Commercials from the Super Bowl

The Denver Broncos are Super Bowl Champions and the Carolina Panthers aren't dabbing on anyone this morning. We all know who won the big game, but who won the game within the game. Here are the best commercials that aired during Super Bowl 50.

Which were your favorite? Did we miss your favorite ad? Tell us in the comments below!

Michelob Ultra: Breathe

Pardon our bias, but we are very proud of Poplar Bluff native, Chelsea Edmundson, who appeared in this commercial for Michelob Ultra.

Hyundai: First Date

It seems like Kevin Hart is everywhere right now, and while some of us might be getting tired of his "schtick," the comedian's appearance in this Hyundai ad is pretty fantastic. Not only do we get to see some cool new features that Hyundai has to offer, but we also get to see Hart escalate the ridiculousness of the ad at an alarming rate.

Audi: The Commander

We don't often talk about great storytelling when it comes to commercials, but Audi's promo for the new R8 is stunning on multiple levels. The ad tells a beautiful story of a retired astronaut rediscovering that feeling of excitement and adventure, the music in the background is David Bowie's "Starman," the visuals are very compelling, and hey, the car looks pretty cool too!

Jeep: Portraits

Fiat Chrysler's homage to 75 years of Jeep was a great look into the past. Regardless of which generation of Jeep you are most familiar with, there was something that everyone could relate or connect to, whether it be a military background to enjoying Jeff Goldblum's weird laugh in Jurassic Park.

Toyota Prius: The Longest Chase

Okay, the ad is pretty fun, but if you happen to be a fan of HBO's hit series "The Wire," you were in for an absolute treat. The pacing of the ad made it hard to recognize them at first, but this commercial is a fantastic reunion for Ziggy, Frank, and Nick Sobotka of the second season of "The Wire." We know it's the "weakest" season of the show, but it is still top notch when you compare it to just about everything else out there.

Mini USA: Defy Labels

We appreciate the message of this commercial, and everyone else who is in it (not excluding the great Serena Williams and Tony Hawk), but Harvey Keitel... enough said.

Honda: A New Truck to Love

We couldn't tell you anything about this truck, but this commercial has sheep singing Queen's "Somebody to Love" and a talking dog. 

Doritos: Ultrasound

It might not be our favorite ad. Actually, it made some of us uncomfortable. We have to give credit where credit is due though. This is the commercial had the most effective "did that just happen" moment, and people are talking about whether or not it went too far. We assume that's what Doritos wanted, and they absolutely succeeded.

Which were your favorite? Did we miss your favorite ad? Tell us in the comments below!