Top 5 Worst Fast Food Tattoos

We all could probably use a little less fast food in our diet, but these people could use a little less fast food on their skin. Here's our Top 5 Worst Fast Food Tattoos!


5. Hamburgler
The tattoo itself is actually done pretty well, but still, come on!

4. Bucket-O-Chicken
We can't tell if this chicken is so immaculate that it has a glowing aura, or if the bucket is a cool guy walking away from an explosion. Also why does the Colonel look like Morgan Freeman?

3. The Big Fan
Tattoos can be a great way to connect with other fans of your favorite sports team, but this Louisville Cardinal fan is going to have a hard time meeting a girl who doesn't just love the Cardinals as much as he does, but loves little square burgers as well.

2. Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo
Where do you want to eat?

1.  Tax Deductible
This could have possibly been a business expense that he didn't want to forget, but probably not.