On Air Personalities

Jonathan Doll

Jonathan Doll here! Don’t worry, you’re in good hands because I’m a licensed discjockey and standup comic (Fun Fact: I was on Star Search and I was a writer for Jay Leno). My down time activities include bicycling, boating and small dogs. I’m not afraid to use a coupon on "Date Night" with my wife either. I’ve done mornings in L.A., Houston and Indianapolis and I’m proud to be here at my very favorite station so far! http://www.facebook.com/jdonair



What's up?! I'm Zann! I'm pretty cool. Just ask my cat. Then again, I feel like sometimes he's a prisoner caught in my home just playing it cool until he can finally escape. We spend most of our time Netflixin' when I'm not out getting into some "good clean fun." I'm a lover of naps, probably because I never get them. I appreciate you letting me make you laugh every day! After all, if we can't laugh, then what's the point of it all?

Justin Luvv

Hi I'm Justin Luvv. If the world consisted of only Netflix and my girlfriend’s gourmet cooking I would be just fine. Instagram has a special place in my heart right next to my boo, family and dogs. I've had just about every job on the planet from being a church janitor to a gentlemen's club DJ. Making friends on the radio is definitely the best job so far. When people hear me on the radio, white people think I'm black and black people think I'm white. All my social media connects thru the hashtag #luvvit. You should use it too so we can be homies. 

Steve Marshall

Hello, I’m Steve Marshall, a native of Detroit. No kids, but I do have animals 2 cats and a dog.  I like hiking, and physical fitness which is good since I also love food.  I’m a TV and movie junkie, and you might catch me Ghost Hunting occasionally as I’m also closeted “Psychic-Medium” with clients all over the country.  No really, I do sessions with people in my spare time, and yes it’s kind of like the Long Island Medium, but slightly different. I like many different kinds of music but I’m a rocker at heart and coming from Detroit (Detroit Rock City) I love a good guitar riff!

Brett Provo

Hey there, I’m Brett Provo! I grew up in Springfield, MA, Home of Dr. Seuss and Basketball! I have two boys and my oldest works in radio go figure! I'm a real tech geek so much so I get asked by family and friends to help them with everything from cell phones to how to get the VCR from flashing 12:00! That would be my parents the still live in the past LOL! I enjoy sports of all kinds...watching them that is! I love all kinds of music and sharing great tunes on the radio everyday with my listeners!