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The Results

On the previous Listener Poll we asked you if you participate in the madness that is Black Friday.

As you can see, many of you have no interest in getting involved with the Black Friday festivities. Those of you who are interested, aren't waiting in line.

Listener Shanna Creado answered "Yep!" and explained her answer!
"I love getting a great deal! I did do a little online shopping at 2 a.m. this morning at I was able to get the only big thing I really needed. There were so many people online that i couldn't get my cart to load to check out in time to get everything I wanted. It doesn't bother me to go "Black Friday shopping" though. I just go to my local Wal-Mart. It's a small town. So far I haven't seen any arguments or fights or pushing and shoving. Everyone is courteous which makes the shopping experience even better!!"

67% of you said "No, thank you!" While the other 33% said "Yep!" The other options were not so lucky.