"Doom" Returns with Fast-Paced Gorefest Spring 2016

The first game shown by Bethesda during their first E3 press conference, was the return of the classic series, "Doom." iD software offers a wide variety of weapons to battle demons, both online and a single player. Not only does the new Doom offer single player and multiplayer, but provides a user-friendly tool to create maps with various game types.

Doom will be coming to Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC in Spring 2016.

"Fallout 4" Available November 10, 2015

Bethesda has officially announced the release date for its long awaited Fallout 4. The release date was revealed following an extremely detailed demo highlighting all of the new elements coming to the Fallout series. 

Fallout 4 will feature crafting, managing settlements, and even more options that have never been in the gaming series. 

If you can't wait to fill your Fallout fix until November 10, 2015, Fallout Shelter 2015 is available in the App Store right now!