Ep. 24 - Blair Witch Should be Experienced, Not Seen

Does Blair Witch deserve the hate that it's getting? Are we looking at the original with rose tinted glasses? Do we experience certain movies differently from others? All that and more on this episode of Nico Says Things.

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The Chris Gethard Show is the Greatest Show that You Have Never Seen

This post was originally titled "The Chris Gethard Show is the Future of Television." While I completely believe that, it also doesn't quite encompass the gravity of how important this show actually is now, and (hopefully) will continue to be. It'd be really easy for me to do a history report on the show. It'd be really easy for me to create a listicle of all of the great moments and characteristics that make The Chris Gethard Show so amazing, but that wouldn't be true to the spirit of what Chris, the crew, and the fans have created.

As a huge fan of the podcast "How Did This Get Made,"  I find a lot of videos featuring Paul Scheer and/or Jason Mantzoukas suggested to me via YouTube. As I was browsing through YouTube's fine wares, I stumbled upon a title that grabbed my interest: "S2E9: Paul Scheer & Jason Mantzoukas in "One Man's Trash""

I clicked, and the let video autoplay. What I began to experience was one of the funniest and most unique "television" experiences I have ever had.

The set was elegantly unkempt. There was a shirtless hairy man wearing goggles. All the audience members were sitting on the floor. The house band sounded like something I would have found on a mixed CD that I made when I was 13. Scheer and Mantzoukas seemingly hijacked the show from a somewhat timid host that seemed both annoyed, yet aware of how brilliant and beautiful this disaster was.

The premise of the episode was simple: there was a dumpster, and something was in it, and people could call or Skype in with their guesses. That was it, but I loved every minute of it.

The call-ins reminded me of MTV's TRL or various talk radio shows. The humor felt like Upright Citizens Brigade, which makes sense, being that the show began as a live show at UCB in New York City. This would be enough to make a pretty interesting television show, but there is something else that makes this show truly special.

After watching a few more episodes, I landed on "The Diddy Episode." I had quickly grown to feel a connection with Gethard as a host, and began to understand the almost cult-like community. With that being said, it wasn't until I saw "The Diddy Episode" that I truly understood this show.

Opening up the episode, Gethard announces that there really isn't a plan for the episode, and that no guests have been booked. Gethard then proceeded to go to the phones/Skype in order to connect with fans of the show. A young lady named "Grace" Skyped in. Grace is in the transition into university, and at this point in her life, has never "kissed a guy." She, in such a vulnerable and real moment, asked Chris how to get guys interested in her. Gethard began to praise her for her honesty, openness, confidence, and grace, and that with all of those things "why would they not want to be with a person of [her] caliber."

Moments like this are spread throughout the shows first two seasons on Fusion, and really separate it from anything else comedic on television right now. These moments of poignant introspective thought and conversation give the fans, and host alike, a vulnerability that is so endearing. This is so refreshing in this strange hyperbolic world of mass and social media.

That's not to say that there aren't crass and goofy bits. The show even goes as far as to have the hosts and guest (Pete Holmes) use homemade bidets amongst the audience. (Yes, that actually happened.)

If The Chris Gethard Show were a sandwich, it'd be a healthy serving of honesty and vulnerability sitting firmly between slices of nostalgia and ludicrousness. 

You have made me a believer Chris Gethard. Thank you.

Ep. 22 - E3 2016 Reactions with Timothy Starnes

In an impromptu podcast, we finally have our first guest, Timothy Starnes. We talk about what we thought of the E3 press conferences, as well as Timothy's music project, Sonicolor!

At the end of the podcast we premiere the newest Sonicolor! single, "Healing." If you don't want to hear us talk about video games, you can skip to the 24:00 mark to hear us talk about this new single and upcoming EP.

Ep. 20 - Why Do People Watch the NFL Draft?

The 2016 NFL Draft had an extra dash of drama this year, so Nico decided to explore why the NFL Draft is an awesome experience, even for people who aren't fans of the sport. Also in this episode: The Punisher and Blink 182.

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Top 10 Things Christian Women Should Look for in a Man

So many times we find ourselves looking for the wrong things when it comes to finding the perfect partner. We all don't have the same needs, but there are certain things that you should absolutely be looking for in your future spouse. Here are the Top 10 Things Christian Women Should Look for in a Man.

10. Someone who doesn't take a vacation from God's Word.

When downtime is hard to find, it can be easy to neglect what we believe to be most important when we have a moment of rest and relaxation. Find a man who can rest and take comfort in scripture 365 days a year.

9. Someone with Married Friends

If all of his friends are single, that means he is constantly getting advice from single dudes. That's not what you need when you're trying to develop your relationship. Look for someone who is willing to listen to the wisdom of other Godly men and women around him.


8. Someone Who is Creative

They don't have to be Picasso or Ludwig van Beethoven, but finding someone creative means that you are finding someone who thinks outside of the box. Signs he is a creative type: he writes for fun, paints occasionally, plays multiple instruments at the 9:00 a.m. Contemporary Worship service, or writes music when inspired.


7. Someone Who Likes to Cook

Gone are the days when women are expected to cook every meal. You deserve a man who can cook a delicious dinner for two on the stove, in the oven, as well as on the grill. It's good to know that the kids won't go hungry or resort to McDonald's if you have to be away from home.


6. Someone Who Will Notice that You Did Something Different to Your Hair

You stressed out so much. "Should I cut it like this?" "Would this color look good on me?" Once you've worked up the nerve to try something different, people should take notice, especially your groom to be. Don't ask us why he is quick to notice, but if he does, chances are he can empathize with bad styling choices, and celebrate the good ones.

5. Someone Who was an Adorable Baby

We all want cute kids, but a lot of that relies on genetics. If your future baby-daddy had the look in pampers, chances are those devilish good looks could pass on to your children.


4. Someone Who Can Tell It Like It Is

Some men can be a bit tentative to share their feelings and be transparent. Find a man who is sensitive enough to tell you how he feels about a situation. One of the most important things in a relationship is communication, and that means both parties have to be willing to speak up. 

3. Someone Who Loves Their Family

If you're looking to have children someday, be sure to find a mate that shows signs of loving people other than himself. He could be involved with kids in the community, take time away from work to spend time with family, or play with his adorable baby sister, Savannah. 

2. Someone Who Can Lead in Studying Scripture

It's one thing for your spouse to enjoy reading the Bible on his own, it is ANOTHER things if he is able and wanting you to join in his studies. Find a husband who understands that your relationship with him is merely a reflection of your relationship with God. Signs that your future hubby might be willing to do this include participation in small groups, Bible studies, and leading said groups from time-to-time, even if only one other person shows up.

1. His Twitter Handle is @NicoSaysThings

Ok, so you have made it this far. My name is Nico Cuevas, and you won't see me on The Bachelor anytime soon. I decided to write this as a joke to share with my friends, and if you have stumbled upon this I apologize if you feel misled in any way. I'm probably not the man you are looking for, but there is someone out there who is. Someone who is more than a Top 10 list. Someone who is willing to go through this crazy mess we call life with you. Someone who loves the Lord and wants to be your daily reminder that he loves you too.

If you are still searching, never forget that the one who truly matters has already found you.

God Bless.

Listen to the Nico Says Things Podcast at foxradionetwork.com/nicosaysthings

Ep. 19 - Batman V Superman V Daredevil V Punisher

On today's episode, Nico tears into the Rotten Tomatoes formula and internet hyperbole. We also explore the good and the bad of Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice, and Daredevil season 2. There's also talk about Nintendo's new app, Miitomo, and Nico's obsession with Babymetal.

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Ep. 17 - The Witness is Driving me Crazy

I've been away, I've been sick, and now I'm oddly obsessed with what could be one of the most important games of this generation, The Witness. It's a weird episode. Can't say I didn't warn you.

P.S. "The Witness" talk begins around 8 minutes in.

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Ep. 15 - Happy New Year

Welcome to 2016! On this episode Nico, talks about what you can expect from foxradionetwork.com in the new year, his New Year's resolutions, and the challenge of legitimately caring for others.

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